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Be SMART & Moms Demand Action - new local options for action on gun safety and legislation

On May 13, a new local chapter of Moms Demand Action kicked things off by holding a Mother's Day Walk to Ban Assault Weapons. Approximately 200 people participated and were joined by others across the country asking for change.

The new group, called North Foothills Moms Demand Action, is now getting ready to plan initial meetings and future events. If you'd like to be a member of the group, complete this form to get involved and/or stay informed about upcoming events and opportunities. Select N. Foothills as your location. If you have questions, use the contact form on our site and we'll put you in touch with Mardi, the group lead.

In addition to the new Moms group, we are also fortunate to have Nancy leading the Be SMART program locally. The gun violence data involving children is alarming, and reducing it should be a national priority. Our nation needs to prioritize saving the lives of our children, who depend on us to keep them safe. The Be SMART program is an acronym for a five step program to educate and support parents and the community on safe gun storage to prevent child gun deaths. There are volunteers who table at multiple venues, including schools, churches, and health fairs. The program is non-partisan and is part of If you are interested in being a part of Be SMART, and I hope you are, please use the contact form on our site and we'll connect you with Nancy.

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29 de mai. de 2023

Please join us so that your voice can also be heard! Thanks, Mardi

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