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Data Snacks: Red Districts have the biggest impact

Updated: May 6, 2023

LD3 is a deeply Republican leaning district. It isn’t the reddest. That distinction belongs to LD30 on the west side of the state, home to Kingman, Lake Havasu City and Paul Gosar in Congress. (He actually lives on a ranch in Flagstaff, but that’s just a detail.)

In Maricopa County, 8 LDs are red, 8 lean blue, and 4 are a competitive shade of purple. The red districts, with LD3 and LD28 leading the pack, provided more votes for Mark Kelly in 2022 than the blue districts. The 8 red districts held 33% of the Dem Leaning voters but provided 39% of the actual votes for Kelly. Why? Turnout. Even downballot in the State Treasurer’s race, red districts matched the number of actual votes Martin Quezada received from blue ones. We talk to Independents, we turnout to vote, and we have the biggest impact.

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