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Gov. Hobbs Signs Executive Order Establishing Bipartisan Elections Task Force

Governor Katie Hobbs has signed an executive order establishing a bipartisan task force to study and make recommendations to strengthen election laws, policies, and procedures in the State of Arizona.

Secretary of State Adrian Fontes is looking forward to serving as a member of the task force

The Task Force shall be comprised of the following members appointed by the Governor:

  • The Arizona Secretary of State or his designee

  • One County Recorder nominated by the President of the Arizona State Senate

  • One County Recorder nominated by the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives

  • Two Election Directors nominated by the Election Officials of Arizona Association

  • An election official from a city or town nominated by the League of Cities and Towns

  • At least one member who is an election security expert

  • At least one member with a demonstrated understanding of Tribal Nations and Arizona’s election laws and/or administration

  • At least one member nominated by a non-profit organization that advocates for people with disabilities

  • At least one member nominated by a voting advocacy organization

  • At least one member with a background in Arizona’s campaign finance laws

  • At least one member with an understanding of election equipment and technology

The Task Force shall prepare and submit to the Governor a final report by November 1, 2023 that identifies recommendations for improvements to Arizona’s election laws. The report should describe gaps and challenges identified in Arizona’s election laws as well as recommendations in the following areas:

  1. Ensuring consistent, secure, and accessible election administration and voter registration practices across the State;

  2. Improving access to the electoral process so that all eligible voters have the opportunity to participate;

  3. Supporting election officials, administrators, and poll workers in receiving the training, support, and security they need to conduct Arizona’s elections;

  4. Updating election infrastructure, equipment, and security guidelines; and

  5. Promoting transparency, public confidence, and engagement in Arizona’s electoral process.

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