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Over a year ago while still serving in the House of Representatives, Rep. Kavanagh sponsored a bill which would prohibit citizens from filming police at a distance closer than 8 feet. The bill, passed with only republican votes, was signed on July 6, 2022, by Governor Ducey. The law was immediately challenged as being unconstitutional. House Bill 2319 has been temporarily blocked since September of 2022 and has never gone into effect.

Last week U.S. District Judge John J. Tuchi ruled the law to be unconstitutional and cited infringement against a clear right for citizens to film police while performing their duties. The judge ruled there are other laws already in place to prevent interference with officers. Law enforcement officials, including then Attorney General Brnovich refused to defend the law. John Kavanagh was unable to find an outside group willing to take the case. Now Attorney General Mayes also acknowledged the law was unconstitutional and would not defend it in court.

Senator Kavanagh sponsored a bill this session which required the State Attorney General to defend all laws passed in Arizona against all legal challenges. SB1021 passed both chambers on a partisan vote with no democrats voting for it. It was sent to the governor in April and VETOED.

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