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Message to LD3 PCs from our Chair

Welcome, welcome… Welcome everyone! Welcome to the brand-new, hot-off-the-presses Arizona Legislative District 3 (LD3). In our new LD3, there are 171 PCs from all of LD1 Maricopa, fully 2/3 of LD23 and 10 PCs from the northern part of LD15. Hi. I’m Victoria Kauzlarich, your new LD3 Chair. Nice logo, huh? This is an original from Crystal Bazarnic, formerly of LD1. Also thanks to Crystal, we have a new website. Crystal is handling our social media presence, too. She's been busy. Yes, she has. We officially became a new LD on Tuesday night, February 22nd when we elected the 5 MCDP-mandatory board positions. On Wednesday, we appointed 3 more board members. We have three positions yet to fill. Find the current board members in the table below. The board is shaping up to be a real mix of LD23 and 1. I’m still reaching out to LD15 to recruit additional leaders. For those of you accustomed to a smaller LD board, you might wonder, “Why the change?” There are a couple of reasons. First, 5-person boards are the minimum required in the Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) by-laws. These 5 are elected. The board may include more positions at the discretion of the Chair. Second, our new LD is big and complex. Our board needs to meet that challenge across a LOT of geography that boasts 7 distinct communities/population centers and 5 school districts. Find out where you are in our new LD here; just enter your address in the search box. Every LD in Arizona is unique. LD3 is deeply, deeply red and the question I often hear is, “How can we be successful in such a red district?” That answer is simple: keep it local. Races for school boards, city and town councils, county, state, (and now) CD1 are all within our grasp. The reality is that we have a dizzying number of races that require our attention between now and November. Our advantage is that we live in a part of the state where voter turnout is extraordinary - routinely 80-90%. Our challenge is to get every one of our voters to vote all the way down their ballots AND vote “like it’s 2020”. We can’t afford the usual mid-term drop-off in Democratic turnout. What’s Ahead We have a BUNCH of behind-the-scenes details to finalize before this transition is complete. These include changing all of our financial and on-line accounts, finalizing board positions, recruiting regional Field Directors, recruiting school board outreach teams and we need to make sure we retain current donors while we recruit new ones. We also need to merge newsletter subscribers. We have our first board meeting on Saturday, March 5, and plan to issue our first LD3 newsletter later this week. And, yes, we’ll have an LD meeting this month. We’re also planning our first in-person event in March, too. Watch for it in this week’s newsletter; looking at you, Anthem! Does it feel like we have lift-off? It does. We have a lot of work ahead and many new friends to meet. Come join us for the ride, won’t you? That’s it for now. Stay safe and stay healthy. And look for a newsletter later this week. Victoria Kauzlarich (Your New) Chair, LD3

AZ LD3 Executive Board

Chair -Victoria Kauzlarich, Former LD23

1st Vice Chair - Suzanne Mead, Former LD1

2nd Vice Chair Data Analysis - Emily Wilson, Former LD23

Secretary - Anna Arnold, Former LD1

Treasurer - Mike Perry, Former LD1

2nd Vice Chair Boards & Commissions - Nigel Taplin, Former LD23

2nd Vice Chair PC Management - Brandon Perlow, Former LD23

2nd Vice Chair Social Media - Crystal Bazarnic, Former LD1

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