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2022 Democratic Candidates

Learn about your candidates!

U.S. Senate
Mark Kelly.jpg

U.S. Senate Candidate

Mark Kelly, Incumbent

Captain Mark Kelly is a retired U.S. Navy combat pilot, engineer, and NASA astronaut. He lives in Tucson with his wife, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

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Bookmark this page now! As we lead up to the 2022 General Election, you'll be able to come here to download printable ballot guides for candidates, propositions, and judges and get answers to your election questions.

Democratic Candidate Quick List:

U.S Senate - Mark Kelly

U.S. House CD-1 - Jevin Hodge

Arizona Governor - Katie Hobbs
AZ Attorney General - Kris Mayes

AZ Secretary of State - Adrian Fontes

AZ Supt of Public Instruction - Kathy Hoffman

AZ State Treasurer - Martin Quezada

AZ Corporation Commission - Sandra Kennedy and Lauren Kuby - vote for BOTH!

State Senate, LD3 - Tom Dugger

Maricopa County Attorney - Julie Gunnigle

Maricopa County Comm College District - Kelli Butler

Central AZ Water Conservation District (CAWCD) - Alexandra Arboleda, Ylenia Augilar, Ben Graff, Jim Pederson - vote for ALL FOUR!

Phoenix City Council, District 2 - Heli Neilson

School Board Races:
Vote for all candidates listed below for your district and leave any other potential votes blank.

CCUSD: Brian Bunkers & Cindy Cummens
DVUSD: Craig Beckman & Stephanie Simacek
FHUSD: Lillian Acker
PVUSD: Tony Pantera & Kerry Baker
SUSD: Mary Gaudio & Robert Vaules

U.S. House of Representatives, CD-1
jevin hodge.jpg

U.S. Congressional Candidate, CD-1

Jevin Hodge

Jevin is a problem solver - he helps businesses, non-profits, and governments solve their most pressing issues. Born in Tempe to a single mother, Jevin Hodge saw first-hand how our government can help those who need it the most. Since then, he found meaning in public service and giving back.

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Arizona Governor

Gubernatorial Candidate

Katie Hobbs

Born and raised in Arizona, Katie learned the value of service early from her parents and church. From her experience as a social worker to an advocate for women in crisis, from her work on behalf of families in the State Senate to managing the most secure election in Arizona history, Katie has worked hard to listen, learn and deliver.

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Arizona Attorney General

Attorney General Candidate

Kris Mayes

During her time as an Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Kris's leadership helped create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, saved Arizona consumers tens of billions of dollars, and fought climate change by requiring utilities to produce more clean energy -- including solar, wind and energy efficiency.

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Arizona Secretary of State

Secretary of State Candidate

Adrian Fontes

In 2016, Adrian became the first Democrat elected to the Recorder’s office in 50 years and the first-ever Latino to hold an office in Arizona’s largest county. Once elected, Adrian revolutionized Arizona’s elections by registering half a million new voters, providing direct outreach to traditionally underserved communities, and making voting free, fair, and accessible to all.

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Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate 

Kathy Hoffman, Incumbent

Even amid unprecedented challenges, Arizona's educators, students, and school leaders have shown us what they can do when they are equipped with the tools and support to succeed. Now, more than ever, we need elected leaders who will advocate for the long-term & sustained investments our public education system needs to thrive. That's why I'm running for a second term as Superintendent of Public Instruction - because Arizona's future starts in our schools.

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Arizona Treasurer

State Treasurer Candidate 

Martin Quezada

In 2014, Martín was elected to the AZ State Senate and was re-elected in 2016, 2018, and 2020. Martín is now running for Arizona State Treasurer to continue fighting for the people and our Arizona values.  When elected  he will continue fighting for the people and ensure that the management of Arizona’s taxpayer dollars reflect the values of the people we serve, rather than a few narrow special interests.

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Arizona Corporation Commission
Vote for BOTH!

Arizona Corporation Commission Candidate 

Sandra Kennedy, Incumbent

Sandra Kennedy is a lifelong public servant and champion for the people. As a current Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Sandra believes there’s still more work to do to protect the public, fight corruption, increase transparency and protect Arizona’s most vulnerable residents. She walks her talk every day, and is beholden to the people — not utility monopolies or special interests.

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Arizona Corporation Commission Candidate

Lauren Kuby

Lauren is a Tempe councilmember with a track record of standing up to special interests and putting people first. She holds positions at ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation and Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family. She served on the board of the nonpartisan Arizona Municipal Water Users Association.Now, she’s running to be your advocate on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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State Senate - LD3

State Senate District 3 Candidate

Thomas Dugger

Schools.  I would like to increase funding for schools.  51.7% of voters cast their ballots in favor of Proposition 208.  However-  it was determined that this would result in schools receiving "too much money."  The measure was struck down- despite having the support of the people.  

Water.  I will work to determine the best solutions for the current water crisis, which will only worsen as the population in Arizona grows.  

Budget.  I will work to ensure that the senate stops misusing funds for political grandstanding and tax giveaways for the rich.

Healthcare Workers.  Healthcare workers are currently subject to an alarming rise in verbal aggression and physical violence.  I support increased penalties for those who assault healthcare workers.  

Bodily Autonomy.  This should be preserved as a right.

Maricopa County Attorney

Maricopa County Attorney Candidate

Julie Gunnigle

As a former Professor of Law in Phoenix, a solo practitioner, and former prosecutor – Julie understands how complex our criminal justice system is and how important it is to have someone with a diverse set of experiences to tackle the problems within the County Attorney’s office and in Maricopa County. In 2020, she ran for this seat losing by just 1.5 percent out of nearly 1.9 million votes cast. Since 2020, she has continued to show up for the people of Maricopa County working tirelessly to bring justice to the most vulnerable in our community – child victims of sexual abuse, elderly people mistreated in assisted living, wrongly evicted families and women escaping domestic violence to name a few. Julie Gunnigle is running for Maricopa County Attorney to protect the rights of everyone in our community and finally stop the decades-long tradition of corruption, backlogs and ineffectiveness in the office. She knows Maricopa County taxpayers deserve transparency, fiscal responsibility and real justice, not just another apologist for the status quo.

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Maricopa County Community College
District Board
Central Arizona Water
Conservation District (CAWCD)
Vote for ALL FOUR
Phoenix City Council
District 2
School Board Races

Cave Creek Unified School District

Vote for both:
Brian Bunkers
Cindy Cummens

Deer Valley Unified School District

Vote for both:
Craig Beckman
Stephanie Simacek

Fountain Hills Unified School District

Lillian Acker


Paradise Valley Unified School District

Vote for both:

Tony Pantera

Kerry Baker

Scottsdale Unified School District

Vote for both:
Mary Gaudio

Robert Vaules


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