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Welcome to LD3!

Hi. You've found your people.

Whether you are new to Arizona, or just to LD3, we welcome you.


Here are some links to get you started!


Register to vote or update your current registration at

Legislative District 3 is made up of many precincts. Find yours here.

If you are ready to get more involved, you may go to the Get Involved page, or contact us to get connected to your local community of Democrats.

We look forward to getting to know you!

200 people move here every day.

Fully 2/3 of Arizona residents are from elsewhere and being mindful of that is crucial to our success. Most of the strangers - and new friends - you will meet moved here from other states.

Unfortunately, Republicans have dominated Arizona state politics since the 1960s and LD3 remains a red district. But our voices in LD3 are important, and our commitment to informing voters to vote the entire ballot can help ensure Democrats are elected to federal, state, and county positions. You can help. We are excited to welcome you to LD3 and to our fabulous community of Democrats and friends.

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