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Data Snacks: Votes Left Behind

One of the things campaign strategists look at is where votes are being “left on the table”. These are voters who should have voted but didn’t.

Simplistically, it’s the opposite of turnout. It helps define where to spend your limited resources looking for more votes.

Votes left behind is by no means the only measurement. Other factors like turnover (new voters) and what is on the ballot carry weight too.

Legislative District 3 is in the unique position of having the largest number of registered voters and leaving the fewest number of Dem Leaning votes behind. We are followed very closely (as always) by LD28 with which we share similar demographics. Of Dem and Dem Leaning votes left behind in 2022 for Maricopa County, LD3 had just 2%.

Last year, we provided financial help to one of the districts with lower turnout. It was put to good use toward the common objective of getting Democrats elected. That’s the goal.

Here is the distribution Dem and Dem Leaning votes left behind in the county by District.

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