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Sonoran Foothills Map

Hi, neighbor!

Welcome to our page! You won't find it in the site menu, so bookmark it now if you think you'll want to return. 

You are here because you want to learn more about how Sonoran Foothills fits into Arizona's political scene, so let's go!

To the left is the map of Sonoran Foothills from the postcard. Click here to explore it further. Then keep reading this page to see the map of the entirety of the Sleepy Ranch precinct, and you'll see why Sleepy Ranch is basically Sonoran Foothills. You might laugh when you see the map. 

Sleepy Ranch Precinct Facts

Sonoran Foothills is located in the Sleepy Ranch precinct.


Sleepy Ranch is one of 58 precincts within Legislative District 3, which is one of 30 districts that make up the state of Arizona. 

Though the Sleepy Ranch precinct extends from the I-17 freeway to 40th Street, Sonoran Foothills makes up almost all the voters in the precinct. (Keep scrolling to see the map.)

Here are the voter demographics of the Sleepy Ranch precinct (as of July 2023.)

  • Republican: 1,260

  • Democrat: 634

  • Libertarian: 20

  • Other/Independent: 1,015

  • Total Voters: 2,929

Sleepy Ranch is located in U.S. Congressional District 8, represented by Debbie Lesko (R). This race will be on your 2024 ballot.

Voters in each Legislative District elect one State Senator and two State House Representatives. Our current LD3 representatives are John Kavanagh (R), State Senate and Joseph Chaplik (R) / Alex Kolodin (R), State House. All three of these races will be on your 2024 ballot.

Sleepy Ranch is in Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) District 3, represented by Bill Gates (R) - no, not that one. Gates is not running for re-election, and this race will be on your 2024 ballot.

Sleepy Ranch is in the Deer Valley Unified School District. Support DVUSD this November - you'll receive your ballot by mail after October 11. We'll also be electing two new school board members in the 2024 election.

Democratic turnout in the 2022 General Election in the Sleepy Ranch precinct was 78%, which is pretty good, but lower than most of the other precincts in LD3. We can do better!

Want to help? Here are some ideas!

  • Subscribe to the LD3 Dems newsletter to stay informed & hear from candidates.

  • Donate: help us reach more voters in 2024.

  • Host a house party! We'll give you the names of other Democrats & progressive independents in your immediate neighborhood, you'll pick a date and invite them, and we'll attend to give a short presentation so you and your neighbors can learn more while you are getting to know each other. It doesn't have to be a full-blown party. Have an ice cream social. Or a morning coffee break. Or a wine happy hour. Whatever works best for you. Just reach out to us and we'll be beside you all the way.

  • Keep learning - explore this website to learn more about LD3 Democrats!

  • Want to jump in with both feet? Contact one of us (contact info below) and ask about joining us as a Precinct Committee Person officially representing Sleepy Ranch precinct within the Democratic Party.

Sleepy Ranch Precinct Map

Here it is, what you've been waiting for. 

The map of the Sleepy Ranch precinct is highlighted in gray below. Do you see why the maps of Sonoran Foothills and Sleepy Ranch are the same thing?


We are so glad you stopped by to learn more about your precinct today!

Don't forget to watch for your ballot - it will be mailed to you by Maricopa County on October 11.

Please vote YES on all the initiatives for the City of Phoenix and DVUSD, and return it via mail or dropbox right away.

Thank you for being a Sonoran Foothills voter!

Here's our contact information. Please reach out even if just to say "Hi, neighbor!" We'd love to hear from you.

Crystal Bazarnic (Desert Crown) -

Mike Petty (Desert Trails North) -

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