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A picture of May 15th at the state legislature!

This is getting ridiculous!

The House of Representatives voted on 96 bills on Monday! On Monday’s schedule were the majority of controversial bills waiting for the republican’s 31st vote. The session lasted 6 hours and 41 minutes.

The senate only had 13 bills to consider and were on the floor for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Both chambers then recessed until June 12th. Two members of the majority party had vacations planned…. So, recess time! To be fair, some members will come to the capitol to meet with each other. No official state business will be conducted. There will be a 2 day anti-Vax republican run event on May 25 and 26. Special guests are Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar.

Just some of the bills passed on May 15th given below.

Most senate bills were not sent to the governor before both chambers recessed.


HB2539 requires parents to be notified if their child’s school receives a D or F grad AND be told about their choice through Charter schools and vouchers. VETOED on May 19

SB1410 requires schools to develop a way for parents to complain if rights are violated, theirs or their children’s. Including the right to opt out of assignments and immunizations.


SB1265 would ban rank choice voting, which Arizona does not use.

SB1095 would require ballot envelopes to include the words “Dropping off an early ballot after the Friday before the election may result in delayed results as each ballot requires verification”.

SB1213 would require the Elections Procedures Manual” that the secretary of state drafts to be approved by a legislative committee, as well as the governor and attorney general.

HB2308 would bar the secretary of state from performing the job as the state’s top election official if he/she they are running in an election, except the bill was amended to allow the secretary to sign the election canvass. VETOED ON MAY 19

HB2722 would allow any county recorder or board of supervisors to appoint someone to do a full or partial recount of election results, just like Cochise County tried to do.

Drag shows and gender

SB1028 would ban cabaret performances (read: drag shows) from being performed anywhere a child could see them.

SB1030 would force counties to regulate where drag shows can happen.

SB1001 would ban teachers from using students’ preferred pronouns unless the student’s parent provides permission.

SB1040 would allow people to sue public schools for “psychological, emotional and physical harm” from having to share a restroom with a person of the opposite gender if the school allows trans kids to use restrooms aligned with their gender.


SB1413 would require cities and counties to take complaints about homeless encampments and go break them up.

Rio Verde Foothills While Rep. Kolodin has been amending and revamping his bill to temporarily get water to the Rio Verde Foothills, veteran lawmaker Gail Griffin scooted right past him and had her Rio Verde water bill passed last week and it is sitting on the governor’s desk. Kolodin’s bill is still waiting for a senate vote. Although the bills were slightly different, both lawmakers seemed to support each other’s efforts. If Griffin’s bill is passed it would still take 90 days from the end of session before it can be enacted. Meanwhile the Corporation Commission could be voting in June for a permanent solution to have Epcor serve the community. If they vote in the affirmative it would take 24-36 months for Epcor water to get to Rio Verde Foothills. Either Kolodin’s or Griffin’s idea for a standpipe, Scottsdale and third party partnership could provide the temporary solution.

Senator Kavanagh

Passed and signed – 9 bills plus the recent budget bill.

Vetoed – 4 bills plus the first budget bill.

Waiting to be sent to the governor – 10 bills.

On the governor’s desk – 4 bills.

Still have a slim chance – 12 bills

Stopped, either not assigned or failed in committee – 28 bills

Reps. Kolodin and Chaplik

Rep. Kolodin has had 2 bills passed and vetoed, 16 stopped, and the Rio Verde Foothills bill described above.

Rep. Chaplik has one bill waiting for a senate vote and 4 stopped.

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