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CD1 is in the Biden 18

CD1 is in the Biden 18

What, you say? You’ve never heard of the Biden 18?

Well, bring your chair a little closer for this one because this isn’t just some national tidbit. The impact is right here in Arizona Congressional District 1.

The Biden 18 is a list of Republicans in the US House from districts that Biden won in 2020. It isn’t just a list. It’s a list with a plan. Now we’re talkin’!

You’ll find our very own David Schweikert at the top of the list. Yep. None other. Schweikert is a MAGA yes-man. On the same list? George Santos.

As the memo from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (aka the DCCC) explains, the Biden 18 vote with MAGA extremists 94% of the time. The DCCC’s plan is to make these Republicans own their extremism.

Read the plan here.

Data sourced from ProPublica

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