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Data Snacks: Think you’re done collecting signatures?

We’ve beat the streets collecting signatures to get good people on the ballot, but we’re not done. Those signatures, including our own Precinct Committee pages, were timed to be on the Primary ballot.

In addition to the Abortion Access petitions – Now more important THAN EVER, the following contests are collecting signatures to be on the General Election ballot. None of them will be on EQual.

Signed petitions for these contests are due from the candidates to the Recorder on July 30.

Central Arizona Water Conservation District

  • Terry Goddard

  • Heather Macre

Maricopa County Community College at-large:

  • Linda Thor

School Boards:

  • Deer Valley: Stephen Bottfeld; Julie Stockwell)

  • Fountain Hills: Anne Evans

  • Paradise Valley Kerry Baker; Amanda Courtwright Lim; Kea Carota; Jessica Wani

  • Scottsdale: Donna Lewis; Mike Sharkey

We still need candidates for

Cave Creek USD

Maricopa County Community College District 2


And HEY, somebody run for Daisy Mountain Fire.

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