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LD3 Dems has a new board!

The reorganization meeting was held by Maricopa County Democratic Party on February 22, 2022. Nearly 100 Precinct Committee people from the former LD1, LD15, and LD23 attended to vote in the elections.

Our newly elected board consists of:

Victoria Kauzlarich, Chair (Former chair of LD23)

Suzanne Mead, 1st Vice Chair (Former Vice Chair of LD1)

Emily Wilson, 2nd Vice Chair (Former Vice Chair of LD23)

Anna Arnold, Secretary (Former Secretary of LD1)

Mike Petty, Treasurer (Former Treasurer of LD1)

Victoria's first official duty was to appoint three additional board members:

Crystal Bazarnic, 2nd Vice Chair, Social Media (Former board, LD1)

Brandon Perlow, 2nd Vice Chair, PC Management (Former board, LD23)

Nigel Taplin, 2nd Vice Chair, Boards & Commissions (Former board, LD23)

There are additional leadership positions available. Read the new LD3 Dems newsletter to learn more about open positions, as well as how to raise your hand. If you were subscribed to the LD1, LD15, or LD23 newsletters, your subscription will be automatically transferred to LD3. If you aren't subscribed, you are invited to do so now.

Congratulations to our new board!

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