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The AZ legislature’s GOP majority continues to play games this legislative session.

Last week saw long House floor calendars for bills to be discussed and voted. All bills on a calendar have passed at least 2 committees and have been discussed in separate caucus meetings. Once passing a floor vote, called Third Read, the bills would start the process in the second chamber.

As in past years there were just a few bills sponsored by democrats that made it to the Third Read vote.

The “normal” rules call for a simple majority to pass most bills. In the 60 member House a simple majority equals 31. There are 31 GOP House members and 29 Dem members. Any bill sponsored by a democrat will be passed bipartisan, since they need 2 more votes.

Before the voting session began on Tuesday the Republican caucus changed the rules.

Suddenly democrats were handed green sheets of paper. They were told before a bill, that had passed all committees, could go up on the board for a vote they needed to get 16 republican signatures on the sheet indicating an intent to vote for the bill. With few democrats able to get more than a handful of signatures their disappointment was palpable as they saw the hope for their good bills crumble.

House Democrats then voted NO on any bill put up on the board.

Those in power have the power: To be used for good or evil.

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