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In addition to the following sampling of bills where our legislators have a committee vote there is a plethora of harmful bills in committee this week. Please take advantage of the extensive research done and published in The Weekly outlining bills and what actions you can take.

There are numerous great bills not getting a hearing because of the letter D after the sponsor’s name.

All bills reported as scheduled for a committee hearing are open for Request To Speak.

Sen. John Kavanagh

Kavanagh will vote on these bills Monday Feb. 6th

  • SB1140 outlaws voting centers and reverts back to precinct voting only.

  • SB1141 requires voters to show I.D. when dropping off a ballot at the polls. Makes it a class 5 felony to violate identification requirement.

  • SB1175 expands the uses of voter precinct lists and makes voter information available to any noncommercial use. Kavanagh sponsor of bill.

Kavanagh will vote on these 3 bills on Wednesday, Feb. 8th. He is sponsor of all 3.

SB1022 and SB1024 were held in committee last week and appear on schedule again

  • SB1022 prohibits a pedestrian from selling goods or soliciting a donation on a painted or raised median surface.

  • SB1024 prohibits people from lying or sitting in a public right of way or sidewalk. Exception is for a medical emergency.

  • SB1047 redefines situations where people may be charged with a class 2 misdemeanor for interfering with law enforcement. Bill contains many vague words open for interpretation.

Kavanagh voted YES on all skinny budget bills in the senate last week.

Rep. Alexander Kolodin

Few of Kolodin’s bills are moving this week.

Of interest, especially to those in the Scottsdale area, is HB2561 which will be heard in The Natural Resources, Energy & Water committee on Tuesday Feb. 7. This bill aims to address the water situation in the Rio Verde Foothills. The Overview of the bill summary as presented to committee members is below.

Directs a municipality to provide water service through a standpipe until 2026 to up to 750 households that lack access to sufficient water if those households had previously received water service from the municipality, the municipality is reimbursed for providing water service and providing this water does not reduce water available to the municipality or the households.

On Feb. 1st Kolodin voted to advance the bill stating federal laws may not be enforced in Arizona on firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition. This is in regards to any future federal law putting a tax or fee on the items not consistent with Arizona laws. It is a pre-emptive strike at any law seen as a potential deterrent to people buying said items. Bill passed on a partisan vote. Rules is next stop but as of this writing is not yet scheduled.

Rep. Joseph Chaplik

Joseph Chaplik finally sponsored one bill!

HB2555 would require all businesses to accept cash. Bill is scheduled for the House Commerce committee on Tuesday February 7th.

A little catch-up. On Jan. 25th Chaplik was the only NO vote in the Appropriations committee on HB2087. The bill would appropriate $500,000 to the Department of Health Services (DHS) for distribution to a nonprofit organization to implement a public education campaign to increase awareness of Alzheimer's disease and dementia in rural and underserved urban areas. Vote was 14 yes, and Chaplik’s NO.


Bills to raise the Aggregate Expenditure Limit (AEL) will be heard in the Rules committees in both chambers on Monday, Feb. 6th.

The AEL is also scheduled for a vote on the senate floor on Monday. A call to Kavanagh must be prior to Monday afternoon. Call Sunday and leave a message!

Please call Chaplik and Kolodin and simply ask them to vote yes to raise the AEL when it comes for a Floor vote. This could happen quickly so phone calls are best. You will leave a message on the machine or with staff. Sometimes emails take a few days to be read by staff so are not the best contact in this instance. State your name, that you are a constituent in LD3, leave the message "please vote YES on raising the AEL" and thank you.

All contact info is given above.

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