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Bad bills keep dropping on our heads!

The Rules and Appropriations committees in both chambers will be hearing bills this week that have been on hold after passing other committee assignments. There are just a couple of helpful bills, many non-controversial bills and a downpour of the doozies. Agendas show the drag bills, voting/elections restriction bills and bills targeting schools and the LGBTQ+ communities.

The legislature has only one specified duty each session, to pass a budget. The first partisan budget submission was the skinny budget given to the governor February 15th and vetoed February 16th. We have now entered the time in session when budget talks usually start in earnest. In recent years the majority party has been increasingly unwilling to negotiate with the democrats. However, with the increase in the hard line freedom caucus members some republicans realize they must get support from the dems since the very far right don’t want to increase spending for pretty much anything. At some point compromises should begin to happen or the state would shut down July 1st. Or could a shutdown be the plan?

Latest bill scores:

45 bills have been submitted to the governor. 18 bills have been signed and 20 bills were vetoed. The other 7 bills are on Governor Hobbs’ desk.

What are LD3 legislators up to?

Senator John Kavanagh

Sen. Kavanagh had his name on the original 13 skinny budget bills vetoed in February. Those, along with HB1024 vetoed last week, make him the winner so far in number of bills vetoed! Last week’s veto was on the senator’s bill to prohibit any temporary shelter structures being erected in a public right of way. Read the governor’s veto explanation letter here.

As of March 31, Senator Kavanagh has had two bills signed by the governor.

SB1036 specifies that persons who have been convicted of a felony are only eligible to receive one certificate of second chance on the set aside of the conviction. (FYI a person convicted of a criminal offense may apply to the court to have their judgement of guilt set aside on fulfillment of the conditions of probation or sentence and discharge by the court.)

Bill received full support from both the Senate and House.

SB1049 stipulates a COA or HOA must not prohibit the outdoor display of any historic version of the American flag, including the Betsy Ross flag.

Some of Senator Kavanagh’s other bills will see votes in the House this coming week

Rep. Alex Kolodin

On Monday March 27th Rep. Alexander Kolodin, R LD3 spoke to the senate elections committee on HB2325, his bill to overhaul voting in jail. Sen. Wendy Rogers is committee chair and Sen. John Kavanagh is a committee member.

There is currently a voting system in place for those awaiting trial, and those convicted of a misdemeanor. There is some difference between counties on how they conduct voting in jail but all utilize a system where signature verification is used, just like with mail in ballots.

HB2325 would do the following:

  • Only those waiting trial get to vote, not those incarcerated for a misdemeanor, although they are eligible. Those jailed for misdemeanors currently can vote.

  • No one can use a federal only ballot although they are currently used.

  • I.D.s must be presented. (not all in jail come in with an I.D. If so, they are locked up and sealed) The bill requires jail personnel to help inmates acquire an I.D., something they currently do not do.

  • Not only would election workers be allowed in to jails but also party representatives who would be required to bring cell phones. (no cell phones are allowed in jails)

  • If any part of the bill or new law is challenged, which it will be, than voting will be stopped in jails!

The counties. elections departments and sheriffs are against the bill and spoke against it in the house yet it passed on a party line vote to get to the senate and has passed the senate elections committee. There is just so much wrong with this bill!

Rep. Kolodin also received attention last week on his twitter account. His irresponsible words on his ability to shoot people came under scrutiny, for good reason.

Rep. Joseph Chaplik

Rep. Chaplik chaired an Ethic Committee Hearing on Thursday. Rep. Liz Harris was questioned on her part in the February combined Elections meeting where unfounded accusations were made about elected officials. The Arizona Mirror article gives a good recap.

Rep. Chaplik was also busy on twitter last week discussing the unfair treatment of a former president.

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