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SB1305 was the 16th bill vetoed by Governor Hobbs. It's the CRT bill. As of March 11th she has signed 2 bills. The number of bills making their way to the governor’s desk should start to pick up now that they are being discussed and voted in the second chamber.

How can we help? The governor would not need to keep vetoing bills if they were helpful to Arizonans. Whether they listen or not, our LD3 legislators need to hear from us!

The governor's veto letter contained the following brief statement.

“It is time to stop utilizing students and teachers in culture wars based on fearmongering and unfounded accusations. Bills like SB1305 only serve to divide and antagonize. I urge the Legislature to work with me on the real issues affecting Arizona schools: underfunded classrooms, a growing educator retention crisis, and school buildings in need of repair and replacement.”

One resolution, which will appear as a ballot question in 2024, has been passed by both chambers and was sent to the Secretary of State. (resolutions to put a question on the ballot by-pass the governor) SCR1006 creates a State Death Benefit of $250,000 to be paid to the family of first responders killed in the line of duty. It also increases criminal penalties for assaulting first responders.

There are numerous other resolutions making their way through both chambers. On last year's ballot eight of the 10 ballot measures came from legislative referrals.

What’s the tally?

Senator Kavanagh

86 bills sponsored - 37 passed the full Senate and a few additional are still active.

Senator Kavanagh is having a good year with getting bills through the senate. His misses have been with his signature bills on homeowners associations and animal issues. They have not fared well.

Please be sure to see many of Senator Kavanagh's bills explained in this week's edition of The Weekly

Rep. Kolodin

19 bills sponsored - 3 passed the full House

one additional bill HB2561 may be reconsidered

HB2561 the water bill addressing the Rio Verde Foothills water crisis failed (27 yes - 30 no - 3 not voting) when two republicans and one dem did not vote. Democratic house members received an amendment just prior to session with no time to consider what it said. Dems usually vote NO when that happens as they like to know what they are voting on. The bill could be put on the calendar again as a reconsideration motion was made.

Rep. Chaplik

5 sponsored bills 2 passed the full House


Our three LD3 folks sure like their firearms!

Three bills were passed out of the senate and crossed over to the house hoping to make it to the governor’s desk.

SB1331 allows parents and guardians, with a concealed carry permit, to bring guns into school buildings.

SB1109 aims to get ahead of possible federal legislation. It takes gun muffling devices off the prohibited list.

SB1096 bans state agencies from working with any firm that won’t work with the gun industry.

All three bills passed out of the senate with help from Sen. Kavanagh’s YES vote.

All three have already been heard in the House Judiciary committee where Rep. Kolodin voted YES. All three are scheduled for the Rules committee on Monday, March 13th. They could make it to the House floor soon.

If you feel strongly about any or all of the gun bills PLEASE call or send an email to Reps. Kolodin and Chaplik. Use the contact info above to leave the simple request to vote NO when bill SBXXXX comes to a floor vote. Keep it brief. Silence is taken as agreement, we need to speak up.

Check out an article in Arizona Mirror containing a quote from Rep. Kolodin.

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