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Letter from the Chair - May 15, 2022

If you feel like you’ve just boarded a fast-moving train and are clinging for dear life, you’re not alone. As a result of the leaked Supreme Court draft decision, the world feels out of control with very little to counterbalance it.

As Heather Cox Richardson put it this week, “The modern Republican Party is about using the power of the government to enforce the beliefs of a radical minority on the majority of Americans.”

Make no mistake. This transformation is as radical as it is dangerous. If anyone thinks they will stop at merely overturning ‘Roe’, think again. Viewed through Richardson's eyes, ‘They’re broadcasting their next steps: re-criminalize contraception, attack gay and trans rights, give the state the power to design school curricula, ban books in schools and in public libraries and reorder the nation around evangelical Christianity.’ This isn’t a dystopian novel. This is the backdrop to the 2022 midterms.


Say Good-bye to Hypotheticals

Ahh… Hypotheticals - they are soooo yesterday. Remember when we thought of overturning ‘Roe’ as an abstraction? That was over two weeks ago! Remember when we thought our election systems were safe and secure because local and state elections officials would be our firewall? Hehehe.

Here in AZ, the Rs are fielding the Queen of Voter Suppression (Michelle Ugenti-Rita), a January 6th Insurrectionist (Mark Finchem) and an over-the-top-right-wing legislator (Shawnna Bolick) who wants to grant lawmakers the power to overturn voters’ choices in a presidential election. Laugh or cry; your choice.

Think of these three as Huey, Dewey and Louis if you want, but one of them will surely be the Republican nominee for AZ Secretary of State. Imagine that and then imagine Kari Lake as our Governor.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been writing about the ugly, outrageous and draconian turn of Republicans’ intentions on a national level. What does this have to do with us? A lot, as it turns out - see Secretary of State and Governor, above.

Follow me, if you will, down ballot.

If abortion rights are left to the states, the issue of WHO we elect down ballot in Arizona gets supercharged (think Kris Mayes, Julie Gunnigle and the Governor’s race). For those of you who spend a lot of time talking to voters, you know how difficult it is to get them focused on state and local races. ‘Roe’ is likely to change that and we can help jump start that shift.

Try this little thought experiment…

If we had won the two Maricopa County Board of Supervisors races, there would have been no “fraudit” (three Dems on the BoS would NOT have given over our ballots to the Cyber Ninjas). If Adrian Fontes had won re-election, he, too, would have held that line on the ballots AND the voting machines.

If we had won the Maricopa County Attorney race, peaceful protestors would not have been charged as gang members AND the nearly 200 criminal cases that were allowed to lapse on Alister Adel’s watch would have been filed on time and justice for the victims would have been served.

With your help, the importance of down-ballot races in November will reach a crescendo. Every voter conversation we have will include the drumbeat of down-ballot races.

Help, won’t you?

I’ll wrap this up for the week with just two more questions… If not you, who? If not now, when?


LD3 Monthly Meeting Thursday, 5/19

Join us for our May meeting featuring Julie Gunnigle, candidate for Maricopa County Attorney and Adam Metzendorf, candidate for Congressional District 1. We’ll update you on our GOTV plan and all the volunteers who have stepped up to help.

You’ll also want to join us because we’ve rolled over our $50 restaurant gift card to $100 for the lucky recurring donor. Scroll down to see how to become a recurring donor and register here to attend our Thursday meeting.


37,000 Hand-Addressed Envelopes in 3 Months

What are your plans for June-July-August? Here’s an idea: help us personally touch 53,000 voters living in 37,000 households by hand-addressing envelopes for our October mass mailing. Sign up here to help.


ADP State Committee Meeting

Are you a State Committee Member? If so, ADP has a state committee meeting on 5/21/22. Here is a summary of info on that meeting, including a proxy form and a deadline for naming a proxy:


Take Care, Everyone!

Until next week, buckle up. This election year is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Victoria Kauzlarich

Chair, LD3 Democrats

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