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Letter from the Chair: No Crystal Ball Required

By Victoria Kauzlarich, Chair, LD3 Dems

No Crystal Ball Required

Some of us have been predicting - for at least a year - a MAGA challenge to Stephen Richer in the primary for Maricopa County Recorder.  The challenger surfaced this week.

His name is Justin Heap, AZ House Rep from Mesa.  He already has endorsements from Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar.  Oh, boy.  

He has also been endorsed by AZ Senator Jake Hoffman and is a member of Hoffman’s Freedom Caucus in the legislature.  See the Republic’s Laurie Roberts’ take on Heap’s candidacy here.

If you haven’t yet signed Tim Stringham’s petition (Dem candidate for Maricopa County Recorder) go to E-Qual now.  Sign online here.  We must do everything we can to get Tim on the ballot. 


Still More to do on E-Qual

Just this week, we have new Dems who have filed to run and you can sign for both of them on E-Qual, too.

We have a new county attorney Dem candidate, Tamika Wooten, whose 30+ years of legal experience includes being a prosecutor, defense attorney AND a judge.  You may remember her primary run for this office in 2020.

Julie Cieniawski, who currently serves on Scottsdale’s USD Governing Board (aka the school board) is our new Dem candidate for county Board of Supervisors, District 2.

Julie also serves on the board of Family Promise of Greater Phoenix - a non-profit that assists families experiencing homelessness, prepares them for long-term success and provides follow-up assistance once they graduate from the program.  

And, don’t forget our AZ Corporation Commission candidates:  Ylenia Aguilar, Jonathon Hill and Joshua Polacheck.  While you’re at E-Qual for our Corp Comm candidates, take the extra few minutes and contribute $5 to Aguilar’s and Hill’s clean election campaigns.

One more tidbit about the Corp Comm race…  Two of the three GOP Corp Comm candidates are openly QAnon.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Did you miss our Corp Comm explainer video from last week?  Watch it here:

With MAGA and QAnon fueling these races on the other side, we have NO excuses for failing to help our Dem candidates.  Go to E-Qual.  Do it here.  Do it now.

How this works.  

Go to the E-Qual site here.  

Click on the box titled “Sign a Candidate Nominating Petition”.  You’ll then be asked to verify your identity.  Once you’ve filled in those few bits of information, you’ll be asked to verify your address.  Then you’ll be taken to your list of candidates.

Now comes the cool part.  The list you’re shown is a list of candidates specific to you based on where you live.  So, for example, I live in Scottsdale.  My list of candidates includes Scottsdale City Council and mayoral candidates.  If you live in the western part of our LD, your list will likely include Danny Valenzuela who is running for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors District 3.  My list does not.  If you live in Carefree, Danny Valenzuela will not be on your list (you live in BOS 2).  If you live in Cave Creek, he will be.

Another cool thing is that the site tells you how many candidates you can sign for.  In the case of Corp Comm, you can sign for 3.  Sign for all of them.  The beauty of signing online is that your “signature” is auto-verified.  With paper petitions, candidates must manually verify every single signature; time-consuming and tedious work, that.  So, signing online not only helps candidates get on the ballot; it saves them precious time, too.

Take the plunge!  Here’s your online guide to signing petitions.  And, thank you!

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