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Mission for Arizona Volunteer Opportunities

Of course we want you to be involved with LD3 Dems activities. But if you are a person with the time and energy to do more, there are opportunities to become more involved with Mission for Arizona!

Arizona was pivotal in the 2021 Presidential Election. The votes voiced that year prevented Donald Trump's re-election and supported AZ flipping blue. But those voices will be silenced if we don't protect our vote! Over 130 bills have been introduced through the AZ Leg aimed to make voting in Arizona more difficult. And that's just this year! We must re-elect Mark Kelly to the Senate, elect a new Governor, hold key Congressional seats, and flip the State Legislature.

Now more than ever, we must protect the vote!

DISPELL misinformation.

DEMYSTIFY the vote.

DEFEND ballot access.

And you can help!

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

  • Phone Bank - recruit volunteers by calling them and putting them in-the-know of all our volunteer opportunities.

  • Hotline - answer voter questions to demystify the voting process.

Upcoming In-Person Volunteer Opportunities

  • Poll Observation - observe polls to flag any concerns or issues at voting locations.

  • Boiler Room - work to resolve on-the-ground issues around election day.

  • Ballot Count - observe as ballots are counted to flag any concerns or issues.

Thank you for going above and beyond to help flip AZ blue in 2022!

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