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Project 2025 Explained

Thank you to Arizona LD11 South Mountain Democrats for putting information and links together.

You may have heard of Project 2025. Political groups and pundits are raising red flags about it. News organizations are writing stories. Friends are saying, “have you seen this?” in online communities. Even President Biden is talking about it on the campaign trail. And for good reason — it is frighteningly anti-democratic and goes against what the vast majority of Americans want for our country — so we want to make sure you have everything you need to know about it.

Project 2025 is a far-right extremist plan for America’s future. A group of Donald Trump’s political allies and supporters, led by the Heritage Foundation, are upset that he wasn’t able to make more permanent changes to our way of life during his term as president. They infused their white Christian nationalist agenda into this plan for him to use if he wins a second term in 2024.

Project 2025 aims to:

  • Institute a national abortion ban, reverse FDA approval of abortion pills, demand data from states that currently allow abortion, and restrict our access to STD testing, birth control, and IVF.

  • End public education by eliminating the Department of Education and by diverting public money to private and religious school attendance. 

  • Assume that America is Christian and that Christian beliefs should hold a privileged place in society, starting with enforcing a “biblically based” (heterosexual and two-parent) definition of marriage and family.

  • Reduce or eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and end programs that address climate change.

  • Allow the mass deportation of immigrants, suspend applications for immigration, and reduce protections for immigrants seeking asylum.

  • Make it easier to fire government employees. The people behind this are already creating a hiring database of 20,000+ Trump loyalists to pack all levels of the federal government with people who will not check his power. They’re also creating a training academy for them. 

  • Threaten our national security by gutting the Department of Homeland Security, ending the FBI’s efforts to combat disinformation, and reducing the military’s efforts to counter domestic extremism. And so much more.

As you can see, all the talk and red flags about Project 2025 are justified. It’s scary to imagine this extreme vision for America becoming reality, but knowing about it can help us stop it from happening!

Here are a few resources that easily explain Project 2025.

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