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Signatures filed to halt expansion of ESA vouchers

Contributed by Ruth Lambert

On Friday September 23 the grassroots team from Save Our Schools delivered boxes of petitions to the Secretary of State’s office containing petitions with 141,714 signatures of registered voters. The effort has temporarily halted the universal expansion of school vouchers.

How does the process work?

The first step is underway at the Secretary of State’s office to determine if the signatures delivered meet the 118,823 minimum valid signatures needed. IF the minimum is reached after pages or signatures are disqualified for valid technical reasons a sampling of pages will be sent to County Recorders. Recorders will verify that signers are registered voters.

Groups backing the expansion of vouchers can file requests to see copies of signature pages and file complaints claiming irregularities whose fate will be decided in court.

The number of signatures submitted was impressive but the challenges are expected to be many. We should know shortly if the first test was passed.

Thank you to all who helped circulate petitions and to all who signed.

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