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So you've voted. Now you wait. Not so fast!

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

So you've voted.

And you've mailed your ballot back, or dropped it off.

Now you wait.

But there are things you can be doing while you wait! Important things!

And one important thing you can do is help your friends vote!

If they are here in LD3 with you, send them the link to our Vote Center at At this link, they can click on their area on the map and download their own ballot guide PDF.

If they aren't in LD3, but are in Maricopa County, they can visit this page to find their legislative district and access their personal voter guide:

And if they are elsewhere?

Pima and Pinal Counties:

Yavapai County:

You can go through your entire friends list on social media, then through your entire contact list on your phone and send out these important links to your friends! If we all do this, we'll be encouraging down-ballot voting on a massive scale!

Thank you for being part of the GOTV team!

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