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The victory by the united democratic caucus in our House of Representatives last Wednesday was not received well by the House GOP. After past, failed attempts to repeal the 1864 abortion law, all 29 democrats were joined by three republicans to pass a clean repeal. The GOP tried to halt it passing but failed, something they are not accustomed to dealing with and it showed. Tempers were flying and angry words were hurled at both democrats and the republicans who broke ranks.

Alex Kolodin-LD3 tried but failed to attach a hostile amendment to the repeal. He attempted to insure the governor and attorney general would be required to uphold the 15 week abortion ban once the 1864 ban is repealed.

At the end of the session the hostility in the House chamber was tangible. One of the republicans who voted with democrats was stripped of his appropriations committee position and the democrat who seconded the bill motion was also removed from his committee.

What happens now?

Since both chambers only meet on Wednesday, the abortion repeal bill HB2677 could be heard in the senate on Wednesday. Since the Senate had suspended their rules and allowed a new bill to be introduced with the same wording as the House bill, the rules can allow the House bill to be substituted for the senate bill and a vote can be taken. It is not guaranteed, but is hoped the two republican senators that have sided with dems in the Senate, allowing their bill to proceed, will continue to do so. IF the Senate passes HB2677 on Wednesday it would go to the governor for her signature.

Unfortunately, The bill did not have an emergency clause attached which would have necessitated a 2/3 vote. All bills without emergency clauses take effect 90 days after session ends.

We still expect the majority caucus to put forth one or more ballot referrals which would confuse voters when they see more than one proposition addressing abortion. Currently, the GOP cannot agree on what they want. The freedom caucus is pushing for a measure more strict than the 15 weeks ban that would be in effect after the 1864 law is officially gone.


The governor continues to use her veto stamp. Her veto tally this session is up to 52. Use this link to find vetoed bills and the governor's letters. Choose All Veto Actions in the drop down menu on the landing page.

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