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Status Quo

What a hot mess!

Both chambers of our state legislature were physically present for a floor session for only one day this past week.  Even with a one day work week, many lawmakers were absent.

The silver lining to their absenteeism is the lack of sufficient votes from the majority party to pass bad bills or referrals. 

On Tuesday, the state Senate did not have the votes present to pass HCR2060, the border referral. Two republicans were absent so a vote was not attempted. The border referral makes illegal entry at a border a state crime thereby allowing local law enforcement to make arrests. A portion of the bill, putting the status of Dreamers in jeopardy, might be able to sink the referral if not modified. One republican objects to the potential damage to Dreamers.

On Thursday the senate elections committee met and did pass HCR2056 out of committee. HCR2056 is an election referral measure which could end up on the November ballot. It restricts when and how mail in ballots are handled when dropped off at vote centers. It is not helpful to the elections process and shows a lack of understanding on how votes are counted..  Sen. John Kavanagh-LD3 helped pass it out of committee with a yes vote.

The senate will return on May 22 when they could address both referrals on the floor.

The House will not reconvene until June 4th.   

There is still no good news of budget planning progress.  .

What a hot mess!

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