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The Arizona Legislature is set up to be in session for 100 days, although it routinely runs longer. With the antics and buffoonery seen on a daily basis this session, very little of substance has been accomplished.

The House of Representatives has put forward only 2 bills for a full member vote. They voted to raise the AEL cap by a 46 to 14 vote. On the skinny budget bill, which would have kept last year’s funding in place, they could not get their 31 ducks in a row, with one republican voting NO. The NO vote on the budget, Rep Harris LD13, not only promised not to vote for any bill until a new election was held, but is now demanding $5 billion be cut from the skinny budget. The budget bill is on the House Floor calendar again for Monday but it remains to be seen if it will be voted.

The senate has passed 20 bills, 13 of which comprised the budget package. 17 of the 20 were passed on partisan lines.

The AZ legislature has only this coming week to have bills heard in assigned committees dealing with policy. The Appropriations and Rules Committees will extend into the following week.

How are our three LD3 Legislators doing with their proposed bills?

Senator Kavanagh Total number of bills sponsored this session - 86

Senator Kavanagh’s name was listed as sponsor for the 13 budget bills making up the proposed skinny budget for 2024. All bills passed the senate, as expected.

Where are his other bills?

  • SB1001 was one of the 20 bills voted by the whole senate body and it will cross over to the House in a few weeks. SB1001 allows cities and towns to indicate a candidates party preference on city or town elected positions.

  • 17 other bills have passed all committees and await placement on a Floor vote calendar.

  • 25 of his bills are scheduled for committee hearings this coming week. If they make it through all committees, they too will head for a Floor vote.

  • SB1040 bans trans kids from using certain bathrooms at school. In reality it deprives them from using any bathroom. It allows anyone to sue the school should they encounter them in a bathroom. Scheduled for Ed. Committee Wed

  • SB1385 ties school discipline to school letter grades. Schools would not be allowed an A or B letter grade if school discipline profiles were not created. Scheduled for Ed Committee Wednesday

Not counting budget bills, which just used his name as sponsor, Kavanagh has 43 of his 86 bills still moving.

Kavanagh voted YES to raise the Aggregate Expenditure Limit.

Rep. Kolodin Total number of bills sponsored this session – 19

Of the 19 bills sponsored by Rep. Kolodin 6 are still progressing.

  • HB2319 instructs judges to rule on the side of greater transparency when ruling on an elections challenge. This puts safety, privacy and competence at risk in elections practices.

  • HB2322 allows political party representatives to be present at polling locations to challenge signatures.

  • HB2325 is progressing without changing statute. Looks like a striker vehicle.*

  • HB2326 looks to be another striker vehicle.*

  • HB2561 forces a city (Scottsdale) to provide a standpipe for water hauling for locations outside city boundaries if certain criteria are met. Bill summary

  • HCR2020 could be another striker vehicle*

*striker vehicles are bills creating no real change but passed out of committee as a place holder. At some point after the final date to submit new bills, an amendment is added to the bill which guts the entire bill leaving the title only. The new language does not need to be related to the original bill. Strikers can be both good or bad.

Kolodin voted NOT to raise the Aggregate Expenditure Limit.

Rep. Chaplik Total number of bills sponsored this session – 5

  • HB2555 passed the Commerce committee last week and will be heard in Rules this coming week. HB2555 requires all businesses to take cash.

  • HCR2039 addresses the powers of the governor to declare a state of emergency. Should a state of emergency be called by the governor, the legislature, not the governor, would have the power to extend it beyond 30 days. The legislature, by a concurrent resolution could also terminate the S.O.E. during the initial 30 days. If passed this would go on the 2024 ballot for voters to decide. It does not need the governor’s signature.

  • Rep. Chaplik’s 3 other bills, all dealing with education were not put on the Education agenda for the week and appear dead.

Rep. Chaplik voted NOT to raise the Aggregate Expenditure Limit.

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