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Why is this so difficult to learn?

We’re still without a budget for the next fiscal year. Word from the back rooms suggests we are getting close to a budget announcement and no one will be happy with the budget proposed. With a large deficit due to tax cuts and voucher spending belts will need to tighten on state spending. Unfortunately, the causes of our deficit do not seem to be under discussion. We will keep digging ourselves into a hole with loss of revenue due to the flat tax and overspending on school vouchers.

Last Tuesday the House of Representatives passed the “Secure the Border” ballot referral, HCR2060. Less than 24 hours latter a lawsuit was filed against the referral claiming it  violates the single subject rule. The referral combined some of the bills the governor had already vetoed and added a few new subjects. The GOP was not deterred with the governor’s vetoes and combined various subject matters into a referral that would bypass the governor. They were not concerned when continually reminded their referral was unconstitutional and would be contested.

The referral addresses: making it a state crime to cross a border at a place other than a border crossing point of entry, creating stricter laws around the sale of fentanyl and would criminalize submitting false paperwork for public benefits or employment. The measure would allow law enforcement to arrest those suspected of illegally crossing the border with probable cause. The court challenge is expected to be expedited.

Living United for Change in Arizona, LUCHA, filed the legal challenge along with House Assistant Minority Leader Oscar De Los Santos.

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