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70% are inaccessible!

Here in Arizona’s Legislative District 3, geography is our enemy.

Our Delaware-sized district is home to 177,000 voters, 70% of whom are inaccessible. They live behind gates and guards, are often rurally isolated and increasingly don’t include their phone numbers with their voter registrations.

How do we get out the vote when we can’t get to our voters? The best way is first class mail, with hand-addressed envelopes and real first class stamps.

In 2022, we mailed voter letters with ballot guides to 44,000 households and reached every Democrat in our district, most Independents and some Republicans - about 63,000 voters in all. And it worked. We increased mid-term voter turnout by 5%.

But we’re not stopping there - we want to reach even more voters in 2024. The catch? Postal rates will go up again on July 9th. Can you help us buy postage now, BEFORE the rates increase? We have a chance once again to make a real impact in our district - donate today and help us reach as many of our neighbors as possible in this cycle. LD3 Dems is an all-volunteer organization; every dollar you contribute goes directly toward electing more Democrats. Thank you for your early contribution to our cause.

Select your own donation

Click here to donate $5.00, $10.00 or another custom amount to help us purchase stamps and reach more voters. All donations are appreciated!

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