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Updated: Jul 31, 2022

With hundreds of volunteers addressing envelopes to registered Democrats and left-leaning independents across LD3, it now looks like we’ll get envelopes addressed weeks ahead of schedule. It’s now time to volunteer for our September extravaganza: stuffing, sealing and stamping! This is the next step in our process and we will be taking sign-ups until August 31.

Complete this Sign Up Form.

Here are a few tips. Shifts begin in early September. Sign up soon as you can, but only sign for shifts at the location and time you expect to attend. Also, sign up for the earliest sessions first. We expect this to go fairly quickly and we may not need the later dates. Field Directors will send you shift location information (i.e. street address, gate code, etc.) once you’ve signed up. Depending on how quickly stuffing, sealing and stamping goes, you may not be needed for every shift you sign up for. Thank you for your work on this important project!

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