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AG Mayes Releases Brnovich election investigation documents

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes released records from former AG Mark Brnovich's investigation of fraud claims regarding the 2020 election this week. She said she considered the taxpayer-funded investigation closed and, earlier this month, notified leaders on Maricopa County’s governing board that they were no longer in the state’s crosshairs.

The records show how Brnovich used his office to further claims about voting in Maricopa County that his own staff considered inaccurate. They suggest that his administration privately disregarded fact-checks provided by state investigators while publicly promoting incomplete accounts of the office’s work. The innuendo and inaccuracies, circulated not just in the far reaches of the internet but with the imprimatur of the state’s attorney general, helped make Arizona an epicenter of distrust in the democratic process, eroding confidence not just in the 2020 vote but in subsequent elections. Read more at the Washington Post.


ABC15's Garrett Archer shared specific insights on his Twitter account:

"Some of the more high profile matters involved Cyber Ninjas, True the Vote, Verity Vote, and elected officials. In each instance and in each matter, the aforementioned parties did not provide any evidence to support their allegations." -9/22 AG report

"Logan used unreliable publicly available data bases that are known by law enforcement agencies to be unreliable and prone to error to collect and report his data. Yet he made statements in his report that these databases were the gold standard in collecting personal information."

You all remember the photo that the audit presented of someone "deleting the election database." that went viral? Investigators looked into it and it was employees prepping to transfer documents to the State Senate for the Audit.

The AG investigators did their own review of packets and confirmed the election system was not connected to the internet.

Sorry to disappoint some, but there were no bamboo ballots in 2020 as per the AG investigation docs just released.

True The Vote never sent anything to the AG, even though they promised multiple times. Nothing. Not...One...Thing.

Greg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote (2000 Mules) told Brnovich investigators they were working as informants for the FBI. FBI confirmed they were NOT, and were told themselves that data was sent to the AG. "This is patently false"

Mark Finchem met with investigators but would not repeat to them allegations of voter fraud in Pima county.

Wendy Rogers refused to meet with them, 'saying she was waiting to see the "perp walk" of those who committed fraud during the election.'

One complaint was affirmed by the SIS. They found Maricopa county did not follow EPM procedures in regards to drop box transit forms. The SIS states, however, "They did not find anything that would of compromised the integrity of the ballots or the final ballot count."

Brnovich investigators spent 10,000 hours looking into the 2020 election. They were unable to find anything. Two years. Hundreds of people making statements millions now believe. It came to nothing.

Visit Garrett's profile for more insights -

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