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Biden's Wins: First half of January 2024

January 13: President Biden has 60 percent support from voters 65 & older. Whether it’s because President Biden lowered insulin costs or because of Republicans’ ageist attacks, this is a vital demographic for Biden’s reelect campaign. Video below.

January 12: Wholesale prices, against all expectations, decreased in December. This is another sign showing President Biden’s efforts to lower costs for Americans is working.

January 12: President Biden has enforced clauses of the Inflation Reduction Act which allow the IRS to claim nearly $500 million from millionaire tax delinquents. January 11: The Biden Administration just announced $285 million to place 14,000+ mental health counselors in schools across the country. The Biden Administration is delivering the largest investment to promote mental health in history.

January 11: The homicide rate in U.S. cities massively decreased by up to 12% in 2023. This is the largest decrease in U.S. history. Experts are attributing this massive decrease to the significant increase in employment and Biden’s Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

January 11: President Biden just slammed Donald Trump for being the first President since Herbert Hoover to lose jobs while in office. (Click image to right.) January 11: Core inflation has fallen below 4% for the first time since May, 2021. President Biden’s pro-labor, pro-manufacturing and pro-infrastructure policies are building an economy from the bottom up and middle out. Biden’s economy is leading us towards a stronger future.

January 10: The U.S. is producing more oil than ever before under President Biden’s leadership. The U.S. is withstanding global pressures and is leading the world in energy production.

January 10: The Biden Administration will be providing grocery money to 21 million in need children. Biden is showing his reaffirmed commitment to ensure our next generation has everything they need in order to succeed.

January 10: New reporting from the Department of Commerce show record 15 million applications to start new businesses have been filed since President Biden took office. This clearly demonstrates small business owners and entrepreneurs trust the Biden Administration’s policies.

January 9: Economist Paul Krugman just declared President Biden’s economy to be one of the strongest in decades. Krugman details how unlikely this was given Trump’s handling of the pandemic & gave Biden’s pro-infrastructure, pro-labor and pro-manufacturing policies all the credit.

January 8: President Biden and Congressional Democrats are on the verge of bringing back the Child Tax Credit. This would be a significant win for Biden, Democrats and the American people as child poverty would likely be cut in half. Republicans have been opposing this for awhile.

January 8: New reports from leading economists show that inflation is expected to decrease significantly in 2024 because of the policies enacted by the Biden Administration. President Biden promised to lower prices, and he is delivering despite obstructionist Republican efforts.

January 8: President Biden’s campaign raised $1M online in 24 hours after his Jan. 6 speech on democracy. This is significant because it once again rebuffs the media’s notion that President Biden does not have grassroots support. Democrats are excited to reelect President Biden.

January 7: New analysis shows President Biden’s pro-worker investments helped in the creation of over 2.7 million jobs. This is significant because that’s more jobs created than in any year of the Trump Administration.

January 6: New reporting shows the Inflation Reduction Act has already spurred billions of dollars in new clean energy investments all around the country. These investments are being heralded as the first steps to making America the green energy capital of the world.

January 5: A new DOJ report states that over 500 gun purchases have been denied to people under the age of 21 deemed a threat to society. President Biden is the first president to pass gun violence legislation in 30 years and the only candidate who supports an assault weapons ban.

January 5: New reports show 2023 had the lowest Black unemployment ever recorded in the United States. President Biden has delivered on his commitment to ensure the U.S. economy works for everyone.

January 5: The U.S. has had 22 months straight of below-4% unemployment. This is the longest stretch since the 1960s. President Biden is making a strong case that his economy is the strongest U.S. economy of the 21st century. January 5: New reporting shows the U.S. economy added another 216,000 jobs and that unemployment remained at 3.7%. The Biden economy continues to be the most robust economy of any U.S. President in the 21st century.

January 4: President Biden just dropped his first ad of 2024. President Biden makes abundantly clear freedom is on the line.

January 4: New stats from the Department of Commerce show manufacturing-related construction hit a $210 billion annual rate in November, more than triple the average rate in the 2010s. President Biden promised to revitalize American manufacturing and he’s delivering.

January 3: On the day Republicans started their investigation into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Republicans denied President Biden’s recommendation to increase the border security budget by $14 billion.

January 3: Not only have gas prices decreased by nearly $2 since their peak, the U.S. has become the top LNG exporter in the world. This is a HUGE win for the U.S. and a significant loss for Russia & Saudi Arabia. President Biden is leading the U.S. energy sector towards success.

January 3: U.S. flight cancellations in 2023 fell to the lowest rate in at least a decade. This comes as President Biden and Secretary Buttigieg have approved strong cancellation fees for airlines unnecessarily cancelling passenger flights. This is another way Biden is delivering.

January 2: For the first time in 2 decades, the United States has overtaken China as South Korea’s top export market. With this, President Biden secures two major wins. This helps our economy grow and also helps stymie Chinese plans in the Pacific.

January 1: Starting today, due to the Inflation Reduction Act, 90% of all Insulin sold in the United States will have a price cap. Seniors on Medicare with diabetes won’t pay more than $35 a month to get this life saving medication. Joe Biden continues to deliver.

Thanks to the Twitter/X account @BidensWins for this list of Biden wins!

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