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Biden's Wins: Second half of January 2024

January 31

One Year After Train Derailment, Biden-⁠Harris Administration Continues to Support People in East Palestine, Ohio and Nearby Communities and Hold Norfolk Southern Accountable Read

January 31 In this Quinnipiac poll, President Biden is leading Donald Trump by 12 points amongst Independents. This is an indicator of two things, Independents don’t like Trump and Independents appreciate Biden’s economic leadership.

January 31 New reporting shows a pro-Biden Super PAC will spend $250 million on the largest single purchase of advertising in U.S. history. The ads will air across critical battleground states. This massive outside investment shows the depth of Biden’s support & overall strength.

January 31 Axios just released a report detailing how the U.S. economy beat the world in 2023 and is poised to do so again in 2024. President Biden’s economic leadership is paying off.

January 30 New economic analysis shows consumer confidence increased by a WHOPPING 6.8 points in January. This substantial increase shows the American people have tremendous confidence in President Biden’s economic leadership.

January 29 The Biden campaign just released this photo highlighting President Biden’s booming economy.

January 29 The Biden campaign just dropped this devastating ad highlighting UAW President Shawn Fain calling Donald Trump a scab. This is incredible.

January 29 New economic analysis shows U.S. median rent has dropped for 8 straight months. Experts are attributing this to President Biden’s economic leadership.

January 25 The White House has launched new guidelines to promote safe gun storage. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent mass shootings. President Biden continues to be the only presidential candidate working to save lives from gun violence.

January 24 The UAW will endorse President Biden. This is a significant endorsement that will help Biden in critical swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

January 22 Under President Biden’s leadership, the Dow Jones has surpassed 38,000 for the first time in its history.

January 20 New reporting shows U.S. consumer sentiment experienced the fastest two month turnaround since the 1970s. The only comparable turnaround was after the U.S. won the First Gulf War.

January 19 President Biden just cancelled student debt for another 74,000 people, amounting to another $4.9 billion in student debt forgiveness.

January 18 President Biden just opened up 22 million acres of land for solar power development. This new initiative will help America become the world leader in renewable energy production.

January 18 President Biden is announcing his Administration will reduce banks abilities to charge significant overdraft fees. These fees primarily target low income families. This is another example of how President Biden is building an economy from the bottom up and middle out.

January 17 New census record data shows U.S. consumers spent a record $964.4 billion during the holiday season. This puts to bed the myth that Americans don’t believe in Biden’s economy.

January 17 IRS Ramps Up New Initiatives Using Inflation Reduction Act Funding to Ensure Complex Partnerships, Large Corporations Pay Taxes Owed, Continues to Close Millionaire Tax Debt Cases

January 16 President Biden’s leadership has brought the Child Tax Credit back to the negotiating table. If the Child Tax Credit were to be reinstated, 16 million low income children would be made better off. Sadly, right now, every Republican stands against this measure.

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Thanks to the Twitter/X account @BidensWins for this list of Biden wins!

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