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Data Snacks: Presidential Preference, So Far

The Presidential Preference Election (PPE) is completed on March 19, 4 days from this writing.  We already have some details about how we’re doing.

Does it matter?  Trump is the nominee; Biden is the nominee.

In 2020 Bernie Sanders gave Arizona his best by taking in 37% of the Democratic vote against Joe Biden at 44%. Total Dem turnout was 49%.  This year there is no similar competition and much lower 27% turnout (to-date) reflects that. 

The PPE this year may have a predetermined outcome and low turnout, but it is useful for us and for candidates.  It gives us clues about voters by showing where the super-engaged partisan voters are.    Conversely, we can also see where voters who have previously voted in the Democratic PPE are no longer Democrats.

Both LD3 and LD28 currently have better PPE Dem turnout than GOP turnout. That’s not the case across Maricopa County, where GOP turnout is almost 5% better than Dems.

Here are our top 5 and bottom 5 precincts so far for total PPE turnout:

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