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DVUSD Candidates return signatures - will be on November ballot

DVUSD candidates Craig Beckman and Stephanie Simacek turned in their signatures to be added to the November ballot. Many in our LD3 community signed their petitions and even helped circulate them. Congratulations to Craig and Stephanie!


Craig posted:

"Holy moly. The support, the love, the community. It's more than I could have ever expected. Last Thursday I turned in 848 signatures... More than DOUBLE the minimum required! In only two months!

I couldn't have done it without our community of parents, teachers, friends, family, and supporters of public education. I'm humbled and grateful for this level of support. I wouldn't be here without you!

I can't wait to represent our children, parents, teachers, and community! Let's do this, Stephanie Simacek for DVUSD School Board!"


Stephanie posted:

"WE did it and when I say WE, I mean ALL of YOU! Thank you to our amazing community! Because of YOU I was able to submit over 850 signatures on Friday (more than double the required 400). Every signature counts! Let's do this! Craig Beckman for DVUSD School Board"

Now, let's get ready to vote for these excellent candidates. Thank you to all who helped them achieve this.

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