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Vote in the Primary!

Updated: Jul 6

Election Day is July 30. Ballots have been mailed out to those who are on the AEVL vote-by-mail list or anyone who has requested a one time ballot by mail.

  1. If you don’t participate in the Recorder’s Office ballot tracking service, sign up now. There is no better way to get peace of mind than to know your ballot is on its way to you and to know when the Recorder’s office has received it back from you, verified your signature and counted your vote. Best of all, it’s easy. Send a text to 628-683 and enter “join” on the message line; hit send and then, follow the prompts. Enrolling is pretty much “auto-magic” but I can’t be certain if you do this today, that you’ll get a text early next week when your ballot is sent. You will certainly get a text alert when your ballot has been received back. Do this now. Once you enroll, you’ll be able to track every one of your ballots in all future elections. This is truly wonderful. Everyone who signs up for this service loves it. Tell your AZ friends and family.

  2. Have you had the chance to see and hear all of the candidates on your ballot?  Do you still have questions about a particular candidate?  Well, LD3 Dems has you covered.  We have candidate conversations that were recorded during our monthly meetings.  Crystal Bazarnic has posted these on our website for your use.  Each is about 10 minutes long.  We also have recordings of all of the CD1 candidate forums held earlier in the cycle, too.  Find them all at You can also easily navigate to each candidate's website to learn more at

  3. Vote on Day 1 (or 2 or 3). Voting early removes your name from the list of voters who have not yet voted. This helps your favorite candidates make better use of their time and resources when it counts: with those who haven’t voted. This is called banking votes. Think about this for just a sec. Can you imagine being a candidate and not knowing until election day how many of your voters have cast ballots? That’s what happens when you tell your voters that early voting is not secure and that they should all go to the polls on election day. Candidates have no time to recover or correct course in this circumstance. Republicans are doing this to themselves. Let’s take advantage of their disinformation campaign and vote on Day 1.

  4. Need help with voting in the primary? Here are few tips:

  • Vote for ALL THREE Corporation Commission candidates on your ballot. You'll repeat this in the general election this fall!

  • In Scottsdale? Vote for Maryann McAllen for City Council.

  • In Fountain Hills? Vote for Ginny Dickey for Mayor, and Clayton Corey and Peggy McMahon for Town Council.

Check/edit your voter details:

Find where to vote in-person or drop a ballot:

Become an elections worker:

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