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LD3 Legislative Update: Bills vs. Resolutions

Did you know all bills making it through both chambers of the state legislature go to Governor Katie Hobbs for her signature or veto? Bills change law. The legislature can send bills to the governor's desk with a simple majority vote. Simple majority = 50% plus 1, which is the GOP advantage in both Arizona chambers. To override the governor's veto would require a 2/3 vote in each chamber.

Resolutions are a different animal. A resolution can 1. simply express support for a cause or express an opinion of the legislature. Examples would be expressing sympathy for a death or showing support for a closer relationship with another country. Or 2. Direct the Secretary of State to put a question to voters at the next generation election. (The legislature taking this action prevents citizens from having to collect many thousands of signatures to put a question on the ballot.) Resolutions do not by themselves change law and they do not go to the governor for her signature. Herein lies the thorn this session.   

The fear of the veto stamp is driving legislators to sponsor resolutions rather than bills to change voting, elections and taxes. It appears they would rather take their chances at the polls than with Governor Hobbs.

There are two types of resolutions but here we are talking about concurrent resolutions which need to be passed in both chambers. There have been 38 Senate Concurrent Resolutions (SCRXXXX) and 43 House Concurrent Resolutions (HCRXXXX) sponsored this year. The word concurrent indicates they will be voted in both chambers.

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