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Q: Why do republicans only sponsor republican ideology bills?

A: Because their democratic constituents routinely do not approach them with ideas!

BUT WHAT IF ......

As some lawmakers are starting to mull over ideas to turn into bills for the next legislative session let's think about what WE want. It's so easy to be against some of the self serving, oppressive bills our legislators sponsor as they forward their party platform.

What if we make an ask? What is it you think might be something we could sell to our LD3 legislators to make a needed change that would help Arizonans? Think in baby/intermediate steps, realistic changes.

All three of our legislators would not sponsor a bill they thought in any way hampered someone's individual freedom. Remember our two reps., Kolodin and Chaplik are big in the Freedom Caucus. Sen. Kavanagh hedges his bets.

Have you wondered about a rule or regulation? Have you had personal experience with being disenfranchised by a law that might be archaic? Have you felt an unexpected consequence of a law because of loopholes?

Feel free to leave ideas and suggestions in the comments or contact Ruth Lambert directly at

The legislature is still on recess and will reconvene on June 12th.

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