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Data Snack: FIRE!

Updated: Jul 1

Once again, our own Tonto National Forest is on FIRE. It threatens nearby homes and our amazing Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Residents were given a GO order to evacuate immediately. The adjacent area is under a SET order.

The Boulder View Fire, currently uncontained at over 3700 acres, is right next to the 14,400 acres of Wildcat Fire that burned up 3 weeks ago.

Here’s the thing. When given a chance to vote for Fire Safety in Arizona, this region voted with resounding NOs. Vista Verde and Rio Verde especially, contain the Rio Verde Foothills. This is the area where many residents chose to have “dry lot” homes. No water.

Generating support for ballot measures can be difficult. This one, for these voters, should have been a NO-brainer instead of a NO.

Fire Districts have also been hit with a requirement to return approximately $10.6 million in tax revenue based on an Appeals Court decision in Qasimyar v. Maricopa County. Rio Verde Fire, Daisy Mountain and Fountain Hills are all impacted.

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