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Data Snack: Clean Elections

Updated: 7 hours ago

Arizona is lucky.  In 1995, with significant help by the League of Women Voters, the state passed the Clean Elections Act.  

The basic premise was to make it easier for candidates to run for office without financial influence.  It is extremely important in less competitive districts.  

To run “clean”, the candidate needs to not only gather the required signatures like a conventional candidate would, but they must collect a number of $5 donations.

For the 2024 Arizona Primary on July 30, 17 Democrats and 13 Republicans have collected their 200 $5 donations and will be on the ballot.  Most of the Democrats are running in red districts and Republicans in blue.

But WE ARE NOT DONE.  In the Corporation Commission (aka Utilities Board for those from other states), two Republicans have already collected the 1500 $5 donations needed for this statewide contest.  Our two Clean candidates need your help reaching this goal. Let’s get this one across the line!  It’s easy.

Make your $5 donations online at

Donate to:  Ylenia Aguilar and Jonathon Hill.

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