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Data Snack: Republican Version

Maricopa County contains all or the majority portion of 19 of the 30 Legislative Districts in Arizona.  LD3 is the most Republican.  This is the GOP view of LD3.

Republican statistics in LD3:

  • Over 84,000 registered Republicans

  • LD3 has 10% of the Rs in Maricopa County and only 5% of the Democrats

  • Only LD1 in Yavapai County and LD30 of Kingman and Lake Havasu City outnumber the Republicans of LD3.

In the 2022 contests won by Democrats, LD3 Republicans were faithful to their candidates.

  • Blake Masters received 14,835 more votes than Mark Kelly.

  • Finchem got 12,939 more votes than Fontes.

  • And finally, Kari Lake received 26,650 more votes in the race for Governor than Katie Hobbs.

LD3 Democrats set a state record for Democrats with a mid-term turnout of 82.2%. LD3 Republicans were slightly better with 82.4%.

LD3 Republicans have more Precinct Committeemen than anyone. 90 more than LD4 GOP and 4-5 times as many as LD3 Democrats.

The GOP has candidates, typically multiple candidates, running for every open contest in LD3 including County Treasurer, School Boards, EVIT, Justice of the Peace and Constable districts. Even Rio Verde Fire has a candidate. Daisy Mountain Fire may follow their past practice of just appointing the current members to continue service.

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