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Data Snack: Setting Goals

We’ve spent the last year and a half exploring how our district performed in the 2022 election. 2022 was a midterm. To understand how we should perform in 2024, we need to look at the last Presidential election year, 2020. Do you remember your 2020 precinct?

Most of them haven’t changed. Those created in 2021 (Canyon Springs, Joy Ranch, Lane, Sleepy Ranch, Boulder Mountain, Mountainside, Powderhorn Ranch) won’t show up here. This is how your old precinct did supporting Democrats and Biden/Harris:

Two years later, in 2022, Westworld became decidedly blue and Silver Spur is less than a percent behind at 49.1% for both Fontes and Kelly.  Coyote Basin is no longer filling up with new construction and could very well become our next Democratic precinct.  

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