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Data Snacks: Arizona's Primary

July 30.  Arizona’s statewide Primary Election.  By the time you read this it will be less than 60 days away.

Many contests will be on the Primary ballot this July but the Democratic ballot will be filled with uncontested races.  Those that are contested are ever-so-critical.  In our area, that includes:

  • Congressional District 1

  • Maricopa County Sheriff

CD1 is one of the most hotly contested races in the country. 80% of LD3 Democrats can vote for their preferred CD1 candidate.  CD8 will be on the ballot too with only one Dem on the ticket.

Note one of the two candidates for Sheriff admits he has a “D” after his name only because he was made to change parties to be appointed to fill Paul Penzone’s shoes.

Some critical non-partisan contests are on the ballot in LD3.  If you live in one of our towns or the City of Scottsdale, EVERY voter will receive a ballot for Mayor and/or council members.  We speak passionately about voting down-ballot.  This is where the rubber hits the road.  Remember all of those Independent voters you’ve been engaging?  This is when it pays off.  They don’t need to request a ballot.  Talk to them.

  • Fountain Hills Mayor - Ginny Dickey 

  • Fountain Hills Councilmembers – Peggy McMahon and Clayton Corey

  • Scottsdale Councilmember – Maryann McAllen

59% of our voters will get a Primary ballot for Fountain Hills or Scottsdale.  Nearly 4% will vote on council races in Cave Creek and Carefree.  Phoenix Mayor and Council will be on the General Election ballot in November.

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