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Data Snacks: Boards and Commissions in your Neighborhood

LD3 Dems is fortunate to have a Vice Chair, Nigel Taplin, dedicated to finding good candidates for Boards and Commissions in the City of Scottsdale.

About half of LD3 is in Scottsdale and LD3 is about half of Scottsdale.

Of course, the other half of our people don’t live in the City of Scottsdale. Boards and Commissions exist in every municipality and government.

The process of being appointed to a position in Scottsdale is fairly transparent. That isn’t the case everywhere. In some places assignment to a committee is handled in a very partisan manner or even as a political favor.

At a minimum, residency in that municipality for the duration of a term is required to serve.

There are always openings on Boards and Commissions. Explore what they are and how to apply by clicking on the name of your town, city or government to learn what’s available and how to apply.


 # of Committees

Scottsdale (contact Nigel)








Serving on a Board, Commission or Committee is Democracy in Action.

Today’s Snack is brought to you by Nigel and Emily.

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