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Data Snacks: BOS is a BIG DEAL!

Maricopa County is the fourth largest by population in the entire US. We know that. It is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors (BOS) and managed by an appointed County Manager. (Do you know who that is? Her name is Jen Pokorski.)

Our county has more people than 24 states and the District of Columbia. It has more than the entire state of Oregon.

Each of the five Supervisory Districts has an average of 884,000 people. That is more people than the City of San Francisco. Each District.

The cumulative population of 27 counties in Iowa = one Maricopa County BOS District. But then Maricopa County has 1,200,000 more people than Iowa.

Running for the office of Mayor of San Francisco, with its more than 800,000 residents, costs about 25 times what is spent on a Maricopa County Supervisor contest.

These two jobs are not exactly equivalent, but a Mayoral job isn’t 25 times more important.

BOS District 3 is entirely winnable this year. We have a terrific candidate in Daniel Valenzuela. Others may run. Don’t kid yourself though. The GOP already has two well connected, monied candidates in Kate Brophy McGee and Tabatha Cuellar LaVoie.

It’s time for Maricopa County to be governed by Democrats. Support the candidates with your time and money. Support them as if they are running for Mayor of San Francisco, or for 27 counties in Iowa all at once. Once we get there, we are never going back.

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