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Data Snacks: Election Dates and the PPE

We have Primary and General Elections every two years, always even-numbered ones.

Arizona also has four Municipal and Jurisdictional election dates set aside each year, plus an additional Presidential Preference Election (PPE) every four years. You don’t always hear about the Muni elections because there may not be anything on the ballot in your area. These are classical “down ballot” issues. It’s what we’re all about.

The governor has some leeway to change the date of the PPE. She has until September 1, 2023 to do so.

Speaking of the Presidential Preference Election, it is not a primary. Voters are selecting their preferred nominee for the Party Electors to vote for at the Party Convention. Only voters registered with a party can vote in their own party’s PPE, no Independents. In 2020, the AZ GOP decided to only consider one candidate so didn’t need the opinions of their voters. AZ Libertarians have never had enough candidates for a PPE. The new No Labels party probably won’t either.

Remind your Independent friends that they have no voice in this important vote and it’s easy to change your registration!

Here are the turnout numbers for our Democrats from 2020.

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