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Data Snacks: Demographic Rankings

Demographics help us understand our population and customize message delivery.

Legislative District 3 has the largest number of registered voters in the state, but only 238 voters more than rapidly growing LD17 north of Tucson.  Our LD ranks first or second in a few other ways:

Race. For starters, we have the highest percentage of white voters and conversely, the lowest share of Hispanics.  

Education.  LD3 is second in Bachelors and Post-Graduate education overall, but first for women with Bachelors degrees.

Income.  We have the most voters with annual incomes over $100,000 and the highest median income.  Half of our voters make more than $111,541 and half make less.  Median Income for the state is $61,529.  We have the lowest number of children living in poverty.

Age.  The district is first in age 50-59 and 29th out of 30 in ages 18 to 39.  We are GenX, with few Millennials and Zoomers.

Area.  Overall, our LD is sparsely populated, but we do have some definite warm spots on the heat map.

Sources:  AZ SOS Voter Registration, January 2023; Arizona Department of Economic Security Handbook 2022

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