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Data Snacks: Downballot for our Towns and Cities

Downballot (adjective)

: of, relating to, or being a political contest for an office that is of relatively low importance and that is typically listed below the most important office on a ballot.

Downballot contests are basically every race except the one at the very top. In 2024, we are expecting considerable activity around Town and City Councils. There are 95 seats open across Maricopa County.

What makes these contests different from everything else we do is many of them are decided at the August Primary and don’t even end up on the general election ballot in November. It’s a serious GOTV issue for communities with high Snowbird populations like Fountain Hills.

You can read about how this works in Scottsdale in the City Charter. Other Cities and Towns have similar language.

The City of Phoenix does not follow this process. Phoenix Council contests go straight to the General Election with runoffs held the following spring if needed.

The Primary next year is August 6, 2024.

Note: Speaking of Primaries, the Arizona Democratic Party did not opt out of holding a Presidential Preference Election so we WILL have an election on March 19 next year. So will the GOP.

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