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Data Snacks: Electing Electors

The November 2024 election seems far away. It’s not. We are officially LESS THAN ONE YEAR from the quadrennial Presidential Preference Election. The PPE is on March 19, 2024. Americans don’t directly elect a president. We elect the electors who vote.

In 2020, 11 Democratic Electors represented Arizona’s choice of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the National Convention.

A Primary election is when voters choose a party’s nominee from several candidates. The PPE is not a Primary, but it is your voice for the eventual selection of the nominee.

In the 2020 PPE, Democratic turnout in Maricopa County was just less than 49% vs. 85% for the General Election. In LD3, Dem PPE turnout was about 55%.

Independents don’t have a say. Unlike the August Primary, when unaffiliated voters can choose a partisan ballot, the PPE is an election within a party. 36% of Arizonans who are independent have no say. Show Dem-leaning Independents how easy it is to switch!

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