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Data Snacks: Get inspired by Mayor Ginny Dickey

A deep dive into old population and voter data revealed a couple of old Precinct Committeemen lists from 2013 and 2008. Before the former guy and his Maga acolytes turned America on its head, when the excitement around electing Barack Obama was the motivation, we had PCs. Some of them are still with us.

From 2008, current PCs Marv Christensen, Susan Fuchs, and Pete Cerchiara were there. Thank these PCs when you see them.

One person in our district has been with us without wavering. She was there in 2008, and in 2013, and now. It’s Mayor Ginny Dickey of Fountain Hills. Of course, Mayor Dickey’s involvement and contribution to her community go back much further – since before Fountain Hills was the Town of Fountain Hills. While working and raising a family she managed to serve on the School Board, then Town Council before becoming Mayor of 18,000 people. She even managed a stint as First Vice Chair of old LD23. Ginny is featured with her equally amazing sister Democrats on Arizona List.

There isn’t a better example of civic engagement and acting locally. And she beat Joe Arpaio.

Fountain Hills is slightly less conservative than the average of LD3. That doesn’t say much. It's 21% Democrats vs LD3 average of 20%. 12% in some places of LD3. Rs still have a 2-to-1 advantage. The Mayor has to run for office every 2 years in FH, and yes, 92-year-old Joe Arpaio has filed to run again in 2024.

Mayor Ginny Dickey hasn’t said whether she’s running again, but we honor what she does past, present, and future.

Read more about our most inspiring Precinct Committeeperson.

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