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Data Snacks: Voter Registration

A recent report by the outreach group Civictech is headlined:


“Republican Voter Registration is surging”


It’s true, but not the whole story.  

Democratic groups from inside and outside the state are ramping up efforts to register more Dem voters here. We also see a trend of Dem leaning voters moving into the state and younger voters registering too.

It’s not enough.  There is a net deficit of about 30,000 Dems statewide from the previous high.

Searching for new voters to register is hard work and requires strategy to be most effective.  Working in a very Red area just produces very Red new voters. Targeting where we can add new Dems and getting them registered to vote heads a long list of critical tasks in Arizona this year.

The results of a review of the unregistered households across Maricopa County and within LD3 are not surprising.  Unregistered households are either neighborhoods with low turnout, transient (rentals) or have a large number of snowbirds who vote in another state.  

Dc Ranch, Mountainside, Granite Mountain, Mirada, Rhodes, Saguaro, Cactus Glen, Four Peaks, Hualapai, and Fountain Hills precincts have the most unregistered households in LD3.

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